Rhode Island

How My State Got Its Name.

One of the reasons of how Rhode Island got its name is when Giovanni Da Verrazano referred it to the Island Of Rhodes.One of my many states nicknames is Little Rhody because it is the smallest state in america.

Famous Sites and People

There are many famous people including Nap lajoie,John Chafee,and Matthew Perry.There are also many famous places including Beaver Tail Lighthouse,Fort Adams State Park, And Goddard memorial park.

My states bird,flower,and license

My state bird is the Rhode Island red,My flower is the viola,and my state license has waves on the bottom to show that it is the ocean state and it has a grayish background.

My states poem,weather,and resources

My state's song is called "RHODE ISLAND ITS FOR ME".Rhode Island is one of the main states that will get hit by a hurricane and can go from a sunny day to a heavy rain very quickly.One of the main resources is the fishing industries other than the mining of sandstone and limestone.


Some of the sites I used were 50states.com,wikipedia,google,and my grandmother who lives in Rhode Island who showed me many of the things i did not tell you about but she was one of the two reasons why I chose this state.