Formative Assessment

Task - Video Reflection

After reading THE GIVER, students were arranged in groups of 3-4. They were given four or five statements to address that discussed big universal themes from the novel, The Giver. They were given just a few minutes to look over the statements and decide on the one to discuss in their video clip. All group members had to talk and contribute something extra to the discussion.

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Movie on 2012 04 19 at 14 57
Movie on 2012 04 19 at 13 54
Movie on 2012 04 19 at 12 50
Movie on 2012 04 19 at 11 09
Movie on 2012 04 19 at 11 06 #2
Movie on 2012 04 19 at 09 24
Movie on 2012 04 19 at 09 34 #2


After viewing the videos, I was able to see where students totally got the universal themes or fell a bit short. I wanted them to see how ideas presented in the book are seen in our every day lives today.

In a whole class discussion, I asked different groups to share what they discussed. (You could show the actual clip to the whole class as well.) In every class, more than one group discussed the same universal statement, so groups that were missing the mark were able to hear from someone else in the class. Students led the discussion with me only intervening to guide the discussion in a certain way or to prompt a deeper discussion.

Missy Schliep

LA7 PreAP & OnLevel

Coppell Middle School West