By: Natalie Haldeman and Ellie Edmonston

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Cryptosporidiosis is a nasty disease and if you don't get treated quickly you would die. It's caused by the protozoan parasite-cryptosporidium. It;s an illness caused by tiny cryptosporidium parasites. When they get into your body it travels down your small intestine and burrow the walls of your insides.

Facts about cryptosporidiosis

~It can be found in soil,food,water that's contaminated with feces, it is not spread by blood~

~The disease is treated by the medicine, Nitazoxanide which can help the disease get better.~

~A way to protect yourself from getting cryptosporidiosis is check to see if your water is contaminated and if your feel like it is, make sure to boil it.~

How cryptosporidiosis is transmitted;

~After accidentally swallowing the parasite~

~If you put your hand in your mouth and it's contaminated~

~CANNOT be spread by blood~

~May be found in soil, food, and water

Cryptosporidium: What You Should Know