Solar Energy

"Making the Earth Clean Again Since 1839"

so·lar en·er·gy


  1. radiant energy emitted by the sun.

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Why is Solar Energy Better Than Burning Fossil Fuels?

  • Providing Jobs: Rising 10 Times Faster Than the American Economy
  • Dropping in Price: In 35 Years Price Decresed from $75/Watt to $.75/Watt
  • Large Capacity: Increasing at a Rate of 50% Annually
  • Big Investors: Coal Companies Have Dropped in Value by 75% Over the Last 5 Years
  • Impacts the Enviroment: Coal Extraction Causes Pollution in All Ecosystems

Why Solar Energy is the Choice for You?

Solar Energy Is:

Reduces Electricity Costs
Many Applications
Shared Solar

Environmental Friendly


Good Availability
Low Maintenance


*This Product: Is Expensive, Is Intermittent, Is Associated with Pollution, Contains Exotic Materials, and Requires Space