Class Meetings: 3/18 - 3/22

Grit and Belief

Monday: All Grade Levels

Greeting & Hopeful Sentence Stem

Just take time to greet each other today. It's been a long break and this will get you back in the swing of things today.

Look at the attached picture for some greeting ideas.

Have students finish the following sentence stem with a positive feeling or statement.

I am feeling....






Tuesday: All Grade Levels

Watch the video clip below with your students.

Discuss how Ezra has grit. Ask them to think about the following quote from the clip.

"Ezra doesn't focus on what he doesn't have, he focuses on what he does have instead."

Discussion Question: What qualities do you think Ezra has that help him to focus on succeeding despite his "challenges?" What qualities do you have that can help you with this too?

Wednesday: All Grade Levels

Discussion Question:

In what area of your life, would you like to show more grit?

Thursday: All Grade Levels

Show the video clip below to your students.

Discussion Question:

3rd - 5th: Why do you have to believe in yourself to have grit?

Kinder through 2nd: What does it mean to believe in yourself? What can you say to yourself to remind yourself that you can do it.

Helpful Starters for Kinder - 2nd:

I can do this, just not yet.

I am working hard.


Friday: All Grade Levels

Friday Fun Day

Team build with your students today. Here are some ideas if you need them. :)

Human Alphabet

You need a large open space for this game. Have students spread out and guide them through a few rounds of forming letters with their bodies. For instance, “Use your body to make a ‘T’ … now make an ‘O!’”

Next, call out a simple short word, such as “so” or “dog.” Students will have to team up to form the word, with each student using their body to form one of the letters. Start with two-letter words, then three, then four. If students want a challenge, come up with a phrase that will take the whole class to complete.

Applause, Please.

Form groups of between three and five students. One person from each group (the finder) steps out of the classroom. The rest of the group picks an object (for instance, the pencil sharpener) in the classroom for the finder to find. When the finder comes back in, they begin walking around the classroom in search of the object. The others cannot say anything, but they can give hints by using applause to lead the finder in the right direction. If the finder is far away from the object, the group will clap slowly and softly. When the finder gets close, the group will applaud faster and more loudly until the finder picks the correct object.

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary