May 22, 2020

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This Newsletter updates on all matters connected to Cohasset Public Schools. This letter is sent as part of a District initiative focusing on communication.

Plans Set and Communicated Regarding Family Pick Up of Student Belongings

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This week, building principals communicated to families regarding the specific building plans for the pick up of student belongings (including times associated with the individual pick-ups). Here is the overarching collection schedule:

  • Tuesday, May 26 & Wednesday, May 27: pick up of medicines at the entrance of each building (12:00PM – 2:00PM…middle school medicine pick up will be at the high school entrance)
  • Friday, May 29: pick up of student belongings and collection of school materials for seniors (Cohasset High School)
  • Monday, June 8 & Tuesday, June 9: Cohasset Middle School student pick up of student belongings
  • Tuesday, June 9: Deer Hill pick up of student belongings
  • Wednesday, June 10: Joseph Osgood pick up of student belongings
  • Thursday, June 11: Cohasset High School pick up of student belongings
  • Friday, June 12 has been set as a rain make-up date to be used as needed

We will be following all social distancing guidelines throughout the process. If you have any questions, please contact your student's principal.

Additional dates will be established for the return of school materials for each school during the last week of remote learning for the 2019 - 2020 school year. Information regarding the collection of school materials will be communicated after the return of student belongings is complete.

Return to School Working Group Formed by Commissioner Riley

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In a memo to Superintendents and School Leaders , Commissioner Riley indicated that he has formed a Return to School Working Group that will provide guidance and guidelines regarding return to school plans for the fall. I have attached this message below. In further communications, Commissioner Riley has asked Superintendents not to plan forward too deeply before the guidance is issued, as the guidance will provide approximately 85% of the needed health and operations information. The leadership team will be transparent and collaborative with staff as we receive more information and as we plan going forward.

Working Groups for Fall Planning

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In preparation for what the fall may hold for schools, the leadership team will be formulating subcommittees that will help advise and guide planning moving forward. These teams will be particularly valuable as specific guidance comes from Commissioner Riley and his School Re-entry group. Family input is paramount, and we will be seeking it through these committees and in public forums once we establish a road map for re-entry. Our existing teams, including our Safe Schools Team, Wellness Team, and Social-Emotional Learning Steering Team will be instrumental in helping to guide the social-emotional support we provide for students, families, and staff. Here is a list of the committees we will create that will advise the Leadership / Steering Team:

  • Elementary Instructional Planning: Osgood & Deer Hill
  • Secondary Instructional Planning: CMS & CHS
  • Facilities/School Operations Planning, including Safety and Social Distancing Protocols, and health considerations
  • Technology Planning
  • Athletics Planning
  • Before-and-After School Program Planning / Club Planning
  • Social-Emotional Planning

A. Student Social-Emotional Support Planning

B. Staff Social-Emotional Support Planning

  • Family Connection Planning

Final Remote Learning Plan with Grading Explanations

Below, please find the finalized Remote Learning Plans, complete with grading explanations, for the 2019 - 2020 school year.
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Family and Staff Surveys

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Thank you to everyone for responding to the Family Remote Learning Survey (368 responses). The majority of families report that their children are doing fine, but we are aware that all situations during pandemic learning are unique. We are also very tuned in to the fact that students, families, and staff will need continued support as we move into the fall. We plan to send additional surveys out as the year ends to gather more input. Your comments and answers were helpful and so appreciated.

Here is the presentation given to the School Committee.


"I am thanking God for my many blessings. Despite this “new normal” and all the stress it has caused, sometimes you just have to remember what is truly important. Last week my assistant, Ms. Atisha, and I spent some time driving around Boston dropping off snacks to the Boston students. It was so nice to see them as opposed to just reading text messages and emails. Their smiles and their laughs just blessed my heart. Even through masks and social distancing, it couldn’t keep the love we feel for them at bay. I pray that God will continue to keep them all safe and protected from this virus, that their minds remain strong and sharp and that they too will remember the blessings they have. I’m so grateful! #snacks #lovemykids #missmystudents." - Aleisa Gittens-Carle

Thank you, Aleisa and Atisha for all you do!

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"Dear Students, We Miss You!...We Are Proud of You!"

Thank you to Ms. Ryan and to the Sixth Grade Team for designing signs (please see below), which will be placed around town (and in Boston for our Boston students) to let the students know how much we appreciate and miss them. This kind gesture is wonderful and so indicative of our caring teachers and learning community. Thank you!
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Thank you, Principal Scott and the CHS Team for organizing these wonderful events for the amazing Class of 2020!

Senior Events

Please mark the following events on your calendars:

  • The Student Council has been posting pictures of seniors' plans for next year follow them all on the class Instagram page @cohasset2020.
  • Mr. Rotondi has been posting tributes to senior athletes via Twitter. Check them out @CohassetSports.
  • Next week, please keep an eye out for our seniors' pictures displayed prominently on the Common.

    This one-hour primetime special airs on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, and will be streaming on multiple online platforms and perhaps featuring at least one of our seniors whose name rhymes with Jessica Moy (it's a long shot but she took it) Visit for more information.

  • May 27th. Seniors' last day will be celebrated with a Drive-In Movie held at the Music Circus from 8:00-9:00. The event is closed to seniors but plans are in the works for broadcasting it live to the community.
  • June 6th. Diploma Day. Seniors will be afforded the opportunity to get a photograph with families and receive diploma. The event will be staggered from 9:00-2:30 at the Music Circus.
  • TBD. Class Night. In partnership with 143TV we are working on a virtual Class Night. Any organization offering a scholarship must please let us know the name of the recipient(s) as soon as possible. Award names were due May 10th and we are still waiting on many.
  • August 5th. Prom will be held at the Red Lion Inn from 7:00-10:30 preceded by a red carpet event.
  • August 6th. A class field day will be held at Miliken from 2:00-4:00.
  • August 7th. Graduation will be held at 4:00 on alumni field.

Thank you to Principal Scott, Cohasset High School Families and Staff, Craig MacLellan, Ashley Colleary, and the entire School Committee, Chris Senior (Town Manager), Chief Quigley, and the Cohasset Police for the collaboration that allowed the beautiful banners of the Class of 2020 to proudly adorn the town common. This is a wonderful tribute to these amazing students.

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Letter from Principal Scott

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Here is a nice letter to families courtesy of Principal Scott and the CHS Newsletter...Thank you, Principal Scott!

Dear Families,

As we approach about one month left in our 2019-2020 academic year, we will be providing logistical information regarding how to close the year - things like returning belongings and collecting materials or the issuance of final report cards and schedules. Please check your emails regarding the dates and procedures for these things.

But I also want to turn an eye towards our seniors, who are into single digits of the senior countdown. Although I will save my praises for a more formal setting than the newsletter, let me share that they have given each of you a great gift. From September they were collaborative and positive and sought to make this the best school year ever, and you could feel the energy in our homecoming weekend, spirit weeks, and pep rallies.

But as all school years ebb and flow, they did something atypical. To paraphrase Michelle Obama, when others went low, they stayed high, and they lifted the community up when the community needed it the most. This is not a lesson easily learned much less adopted.

When I was a young lacrosse coach my team had an abysmal first half during what was then the Chowda Cup. They refused to play together and to execute what we had practiced. Frustrated, I sent them to the endzone at halftime and told them that if they weren't going to listen to me that they could figure it out on their own. We lost by 15.

A very veteran and respected coach from the school I was working at was at the game, and the following Monday asked to speak with me. "Who made the decision to let them go into halftime by themselves?" he asked.

I explained my frustration and my decision.

"Never do that again," he said, quite sternly, as if I had embarrassed not only the school but him personally. "When they're at their worst that's when you need to be at your best. Never let that happen again."

He had a way of making an impression and I listened and understood, and it never happened again.

He was right. We are often surrounded by those wanting to pull us down and few willing to pick us up. This senior class did that for you during the year, and they continue to do it during the closure.

They haven't created a well of sorrow but a wall of strength -- making masks, working, taking care of family, completing schoolwork, checking in, advocating for spring athletics in a respectful way and accepting the answer despite their own disappointment.

I've often felt that the senior class sets the tone for the whole school and this senior class has refused to be seen as the victims. Instead, they've modeled a response that invites the community to lean on them. That's true leadership. It's not for show, there's no model that they are mimicking, it's coming from the heart of who they are and sets an example for who we want to be as a school.

As we near their last school days, let's celebrate them and their gifts to us. I couldn't be more proud what they've become.


Brian Scott



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Show your love to the Cohasset High School Class of 2020!

The Class of 2020 needs something to celebrate! Usually during this time of year, the CHS senior class would be alive with activity and energy getting ready for the prom and graduation, both highly-anticipated events by all; but due to the Coronavirus, both events have been postponed! However, we can all help to make these seniors feel special during these difficult times.

We are encouraging all Cohasset residents to purchase a lawn sign for $30 as a show of support and in celebration of their accomplishments!

To purchase a sign, please Venmo: Cohasset Postprom@Lisa-Fulton-26. Be sure to include “Lawn Sign” in the description along with your address. You can also send a check made payable to: Cohasset Post Prom Committee, 31 Border Street, Cohasset. Expected delivery of the signs will be the week of May 25th!

Let’s show our Cohasset spirit and line the streets with signs for our Class of 2020!


The Cohasset Post-Prom Committee:

Kimberley Albanese, Deanna Boyle, Heather Dockray, Jackie Donovan, Lisa Fulton, Marcela Hoehn, Dana Lucier, Robin Martell, Maria Osborne, Lynda Parks, Tracy Thomas


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Courtesy of Principal Sullivan and The Deer Hill Newsletter

"If you want to find out who won our March (& April & May!) Madness book brackets, you'll have to scroll down. However, in this section I wanted to share a bit of the "why" behind our selection of "Windows and Mirrors" as this year's theme. For that I'd love for you to take a peek at this eloquent Tedx Talk by children's author Grace Lin, "The Windows and Mirrors of Your Child's Bookshelf". Deer Hill is proud of the work we're undertaking to build an inclusive school community where students see themselves in our curriculum while also appreciating the differences and perspectives of others. Most importantly, through ongoing reflection, training, and action steps, we are committed to being a safe space for all students to be their unique, wonderful, selves." - Principal Sullivan
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Boys Lacrosse Team Zooms with Coach Andy Copelan!

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Thank you to former Head Coach at Fairfield University and current Waterdogs Head Coach of the Premier Lacrosse League, Andy Copelan, for speaking to the Cohasset Boys Lacrosse team. Thank you, Coach Rotondi for organizing this motivational moment.

Cross-Country Teams Raising Money for Local Food Pantries

The Cohasset Cross-country Team will be running to raise money for two local Food Pantries (Cohasset Food Pantry and Wellspring Food Pantry in Hull). The Runathon the week of May 25th-31st.

To donate go to

For more info contact Coach Ford:

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Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Compass: Assistant Superintendent Leslie Scollins, Ed.D.

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The Elementary Math Committee met this week to revise and update the timeline and process for the Math Textbook Adoption. Remote Learning has changed how we do everything, and this is no exception. The Committee revised the timeline and process which will be sent to elementary teachers early next week. We will keep families in the loop as we finalize our decisions.

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Thank you, Teachers

This past month marked Teacher Appreciation Week and Nurses Appreciation Day. Thank you to our wonderful teachers and nurses for all they do, and thank you to the PSO and to all who recognized their contributions. Here are some wonderful examples of tributes.

Thanks CMS Teachers!
This heartwarming video comes courtesy of Principal Farrell, Jennifer McPhillips, and the First Grade Team. This is wonderful!


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Thank you to our amazing school nurses for keeping us healthy and safe. You are so appreciated!

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Cohasset Students Continue to Give Back During Pandemic

Cohasset Students continue to help others during this difficult time. Pictured below are some Cohasset students who participated in the recent food drive. Thank you, Students.
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Thank You to Safe Harbors and to All Who Participated in National Prevention Week.

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On a personal note, my family surprised me recently by converting our laundry room into The Office of the Superintendent. It was either this or my tool shed. I love my crazy family!

Thank you to all of you and to your families who are finding ways to make all of this work... - Pat Sullivan

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Take Care of Yourself and Take Care of Each Other

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Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if we can do anything to help your student or your family during this difficult time. Most important is the physical and mental health of everyone, and we will stay focused on making that a priority. Please take good care.
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