Skills Within the Work Place

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There are 3 different categories that skills fall under, these are:

  • Key Skills - Skills that are in specific to a job or industry

  • General Skills - Skills that most employers will look for such as maths and English

  • Soft Skills - Soft skills are more so personality traits than qualified skills
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Manchester Royal Infirmary - First Line Tech Support

When working in a hospital/carer environment it is important you can work to urgent deadlines, as well as knowing when to hand over to a second line engineer before making things worse.

Key Specific Skills:

Key Skills for a first line technician include the ability to install and replace desktop hardware components, such as PCI/PCI-E cards, RAM, CPU and storage devices (HDD or SSD). Another key skill is the ability to trouble shoot broken hardware and coming up with potential quick fixes, for example replacing the CMOS battery on a motherboard.

As a first-line technician you would also need to have a basic knowledge of error codes/messages, as well as error "beep" codes. It is also required that you know

how to navigate the main 2 OS: Windows (XP through 10) and OS X, so that you know how to direct a client through a computers settings/ help a client fix a problem themselves.

General Skills:

When working in such a vital industry as the hospital/healthcare industry it is important to have immaculate time-keeping skills. One example for the need for time management within this role is the fact that patient records are often kept within a central server, and although this server will have some sort of fail-safe/back-up, it is very important that the server is maintained and if it is to go down, it is important that you can bring it back up within an allotted time frame.

Soft Skills / Attitude:

To be a first-line technician you need to have good communication skills as the chance are you will be dealing with people who may not know their way around a computer and thus you must be able to put jargon into simplistic terms.

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MI5 - Software Engineer

MI5 is one of the most crucial sectors of our countries home defense against terrorism and espionage, thus it is crucial they have software engineers they can rely on

Key skills:

When working such a high end, tight-security role, it is important you have a wide array of skills and knowledge, so that you can help throughout the entire process of building an app. One of the key skills you will be expected to have is knowledge of multiple coding language these include but are not restricted to:

  • Python
  • C++
  • Javascript
  • Html5
  • Oracle

General Skills:

Because of the type organisation MI5 is, it is vital that everyone in the team know exactly what is happening and when, thus it is important for a potential employee to have impeccable communication skills, both written and verbal. It is also very important for such a fast-paced work environment that you have very good trouble-shooting skills, so that when something goes wrong you can fix it straight away, because the urgency of the work means they cant risk losing a few servers, or having the ETA for a vital software delayed.

Soft Skills / Attitude:

To work in such an environment it is key you have great intra-personal skills, most importantly organisation, as one wrong figure being displayed could result in national tragedy or possibly even unjust arrests. Its also important to have confidence, not only to help when giving displays/demos of your software, but during the scripting process it helps get things done sooner if you are confident in your own ability.