Natural Resourses

In the Midwest some of its natural resourses are iron,steel,coal,limestone,cattle,crops there are lots of farms in the Midwest and caves to find all the steel , iron , and limestone. The Empire State Building and the Hexagon are made out of limestone.

States in the Midwest

these are the states in the Midwest Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas.Here are the capitals Pierre, Bismarck, Madison, Springfield, Jefferson City, Columbus, Des Moines, Kansas City.


They like to eat steak,sausage,hot dogs,chickens,pork chops.Also you can eat popcorn ,pancakes, corn,bread,butter.You can find all sorts of foods in the Midwest because all sorts of people come from around the world to the Midwest.


These are the land forms in the Midwest the Great Lakes,the Great plains/Central plains.The great lakes include Lake superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario.


here in the Midwest we have all sorts of wacky climates from steaming hot summers to bitterly cold winters, you'll have all sorts of different clothes in your wardrobe.You will have rain coats, rain boots, and an umbrella.You'll also need tank tops and shorts there are tons of crazy climate in the Midwest


In the Midwest we have all sorts of weather one day it could be rainy the next it could be sunny and bright from a tornado to a huge storm.You never know what to expect in Midwest.
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Sports Teams

The sports teams in the Midwest are the Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Green Bay Packers.

How This region Affects the Midwest peoples lives

The Midwest region can affect peoples lives a lot because of all the tornados. Some states can get from 1 to 60 tornados per year.Kansas usally gets the most tornados a year.It could break down many peoples houses.


The industries in the Midwest, there are many car industries in Michigan because of all the iron and steel.In more higher up states like Minnesota have many corn industries. Its the highest production because of all the wacky weathers it rains one day and sunny the next.

Fun Facts

Did you know that 7 U.S. presidents were born in Ohio.The Midwest also has the highest corn production in the world.The head of the Crazy Horse Memorials head is 87 and a half feet high.
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