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Mark Schwartz is a high heel designer in Tampa. Mark has been in the fashion industry for over thirty years and is one of the well-renown shoe designers in Tampa. Mark has worked with top industry professionals like Roger Vivier, Christian LaCroix, and Hermes in the past and went solo in 1995. Mark has created unique designs for Katie Couric, Oprah, Sharon Stone, Madonna, Julia Roberts and Lady Gaga. Mark has a unique talent for bringing our exquisite designs on high heel shoes. His creations have featured in various fashion magazines.

How to Build a Strong Father-Son Relationship

Building a strong father-son relationship is one of the most important things a father should do. A father-son relationship can be complex at times, especially if the interests of both differ. Sometimes fathers and sons can be competitive against each other, but that is just natural and will need to be worked out in a healthy relationship. Here are some tips you can use to build a strong father-son relationship.

Sons are Influenced by Fathers

Whether you realize it or not, your son is influenced by you; sons primarily watch their fathers and are influenced by them. A son’s personal development is influenced by his father. If your son watches you Interact with his mother, respect and appreciate her, he will learn how to respect and interact with a woman. The way a father talks, will also greatly influence the way the son talks. One of the things you need to realize is that your son will become a mirrored image of you based on what you teach him. Make sure your influence over your son is positive.

Developing Common Interests

Identify and develop common interests between you and your son. Don’t get so caught up in your work that you don’t have time to spend with your son. Find the things he likes and do it together with him. Whether it is baseball, football, camping or fishing, find out what he likes and do it together.

Listen to Your Son

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Mark Schwartz of Tampa is a professional shoe designer with over 30 years’ experience in the fashion industry. Mark has a 14-year old son.

Mark Schwartz Art Influenced Shoe Designer in Tampa

It is not difficult to find inspiration. There are several things around us that can inspire us. Life imitates art and art imitate life. Living in a particular city or working in a particular place can both contribute to providing you with inspiration. For an artist, taking a scribble and making it a beautiful painting, and hanging it in the office or someone’s home can give the artist an exceptional feeling of happiness and joy.

Mark Schwartz has been in the fashion industry for over 30 years and has worked with Roger Vivier, the pioneer of Stiletto heel shoes. Roger Vivier was a French fashion designer, and he designed the first stiletto heel shoes in 1954. Mark also worked with Christian LaCroix and Hermes. Mark’s inspiration to design and paint high heel shoes comes from Andy Warhol. Warhol encouraged and motivated Mark to start painting on shoes, and the rest is history. Mark Schwartz’s unique shoe designs became very popular and has graced the runways of Milan, Paris and New York.

Mark’s desire and love to paint has enabled him to create several hundred exquisite designs of shoes. His shoes are inspired by his life and the art on the shoes are his designs. Mark’s unique designs are sought out by both private and public collectors. Mark uses a unique technique of blending watercolor washes and ink to create exquisite glitzy shoes. Mark has created unique private shoe collections for Julia Roberts, Madonna, Sharon Stone, Oprah, Katie Couric and Lady Gaga.

Mark Schwartz Tampa is a talented fashion designer in Tampa. Mark’s shoes have featured in several popular fashion magazines.

Passing down a Legacy

Often times when a person follows their dreams and works hard to get ahead, they are not thinking about how success might affect those around them. While it is not necessarily a bad thing to focus on oneself when striving to get ahead, it is important to take time every now and then to consider how your success might help or hurt another individual. In many ways, the people influenced most by an individual are their children.

While it is important to demonstrate and teach your kids the importance of hard work and following your dreams, you must still be careful not to neglect your children for work. Also, for children of very successful parents there is a lot of pressure to have the same amount of success or even more. Often time’s successful parents want their children to follow in their footsteps and when the time comes, to pick up where they left off.

Sometimes a child may be interested in doing so and may even thrive when following in their parents’ footsteps. However, this is not always the healthiest thing for a child and may not be the right fit for them. Likewise, it is important to bring in perspective that there are many different types of success, and each child should discover the kind that works best for him or her.

The ability to let go of the hard work put into making a name for one’s self to allow one’s child to follow the path that is right for them is not always easy, but those who really care about their children are able to do so. Mark Schwartz of Tampa is a talented shoe designer and a parent to a 14-year old son.

Fashion Fads

Over the years, countless fashion fads have come and go. While some seem to be admired through the ages, others become almost laughable. Is there a way to predict whether or not the fashions of today will be the laughing stocks of tomorrow? Perhaps time is the only thing that can tell. Some of the more recent fashion fads that have quickly become a lot less relevant are both the Emo look and the no-bra look from the early 2000s.

The look titled “Emo” was quite popular among adolescents during the early 2000s. This look included mostly black attire, skinny jeans, heavy eyeliner, and long straightened dark hair. Often times the hair would even cover the faces of the individuals. Most would agree that the hair, makeup, and a good amount of the attire were ridiculous. However, skinny jeans have seemed to stick around, suggesting that even if a style is overall discarded, it will forever leave its mark on the fashion industry.

Another look that has made its way out is the bra-less look of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Show such as “Sex and the City” tend to highlight this look, but many who see it now aren’t huge fans. It seems interesting that within about a 10-year span showing nipples went from being okay to being offensive. While much of the general public finds the look to be distasteful, several celebrities such as Miley Cyrus are beginning to bring it back in. Perhaps this is a look that will come in and out of style for years to come. Mark Schwartz of Tampa has over thirty years of experience working in the design industry.

Mark Schwartz of Tampa – Advertising Art in Print Media is Worthless

Why pay for advertising when you can advertize to direct audiences for next to nothing? If you’re going to spend your hard earned money to gain new fans, then do it online and not in print media. If you were to spend advertising dollars on print media, you would be gambling. Print Media does have its place, but that place comes in interviews, articles, and free promotion. The local newspaper can’t provide you any tangible data in terms of who has seen your advertisement, who is interested in art and other useful information about their age, gender, location and other interests.

If you were to advertize on google, Facebook, twitter and other online media, you would instantly have a social media advantage of cumulative data and demographics. So if you knew your fan base was primarily women in their 40’s who happened to love high heels, then you can target those people via Facebook advertisements.

Mark Schwartz of Tampa, is an accomplished shoe designer and artist with over twenty years in the design industry. He worked for Roger Vivier, one of the most innovative shoe designers of the 20th-century fashion industry as well as Hermès and Christian LaCroix. He was also influenced and encouraged by Andy Warhol to paint his shoe creations and ideas. Mark has also created private collections for Oprah, Madonna, Katie Couric, Sharon Stone, Lady Gaga, and Julia Roberts. His shoe designs have graced the runways of Paris, Milan, and New York, as well as the pages of fashion publications such as Vogue, Elle, and W.

Mark Schwartz of Tampa – Art in the Age of Social Media

Websites are great, but social media can help drive traffic to your website and generate sales. Social Media will also help you drive repeat business and give your fans a chance to find, share and comment on your art. It would be similar to the discussions and debates of a real gallery showing.

Social Media is built for images and promotion. Website and Apps like Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter have great features to help you enhance your art experience digitally. You should consider promoting your art through these services instead of keeping it centered on your own website. So you could actually gain an advantage in terms of knowing your hottest selling pieces and most touted works.

If you host events, galleries and other public displays of your art, then social media is a great way to let your fans know about your events. Learn creative ways to use the events functionality of different social media networks. You should always make the extra effort to interact with your fan base. That simple participation and getting details straight from the word of the artist’s mouth is a great way to keep them coming back to your art. You can even use Google Hangouts or YouTube to teach a few tips and techniques to your fans. Answer how-to questions in the comments section.

Mark Schwartz of Tampa, is an accomplished shoe designer and artist with over twenty years in the design industry. He was also influenced and encouraged by Andy Warhol to paint his shoe creations and ideas.

Mark Schwartz of Tampa – Influence of Art

If you plan to sell art and share with the world, then you should consider your influences. Mark Schwartz of Tampa has a love and celebration for high-heeled shoes. That passion became the theme and subject of all of his artwork. High heels are fashion icons in their own right, which are revered and loved by women and men across the world. They convey style, sex, and glamor in a way that few other things can.

Painting art, taking a sketch or scribbling an idea and making it into a painting that hangs in someone’s home, office or store also gives an artist an exceptional feeling of personal joy and happiness. Finding inspiration is usually not hard. Finding that connection with your audience usually stems from your passion for a subject. If you live in a city known for great food, your art may resemble a culinary influence. If you work in a different industry it can draw inspiration from that field of work or if you were born in a different country that perspective could give a lot of artistic insights.

Inspiration and influence can come from anywhere. For instance, Mark Schwartz Tampa was encouraged by Andy Warhol and in doing so he helped Mark pursue his love for creating artistic paintings of shoes, and since then, Mark has created hundreds of colorful and dynamic shoe paintings. Much of his art originates from the shoes that he designs himself. Mark transforms highly sought-after shoes into highly sought-after paintings, purchased by both private and public collectors.

Mark is an accomplished shoe designer and artist, having been in the industry for over twenty years. In the mid-1980s, he worked for Roger Vivier, a groundbreaking 20th-century shoe designer and was greatly inspired by Andy Warhol.

Mark Schwartz - Tampa Shoe Designer on How to Break into the Fashion Industry

Mark Schwartz has created many successful shoe designs that have been featured on the runways of the fashion capitals of the world, from Paris to New York to Milan. He first broke into the fashion industry under the tutelage of expert designer and artist Roger Vivier in the 1980s and never looked back. Schwartz believes that the most important and exciting part of a woman’s wardrobe is the shoes. He now crafts designs for the private collections of stars like Oprah Winfrey, Katie Couric, Lady Gaga, Julia Roberts, and more. Schwartz is now a partner of a successful shoe manufacturer near Milan. Here are a few tips from the shoe design master himself on how to break into the fashion industry:

  • Reach out to your mentors. Mark Schwartz, before moving to Tampa, reached out to Roger Vivier because he admired his work and wanted to be a part of his team. Schwartz was elated to receive an invitation to work with the legendary shoe designer, giving him his start in the industry.

  • Go to long-shot interviews. Sometimes fashion leaders merely want to meet an up-and-coming designer, even if there is no job available for them at their organization at the moment. Some newbies to the fashion industry leave designer and coordinators with a good impression, leading to more opportunities in the future.

  • Just say yes. When you do get that first job, it may not be entirely appealing, but to get ahead and advance, say yes to everything. At the very least, Mark Schwartz of Tampa says, you can gain some useful experience.

Mark Schwartz has built a successful career in fashion in Tampa since he broke in over 30 years ago.

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Mark Schwartz - Tampa Shoe Designer Explains how to Make it in Fashion

Mark Schwartz is a Tampa shoe designer with over 30 years of experience putting his shoe designs on the runways of Paris, New York, and Milan. Schwartz started as the protégé of Roger Vivier and eventually became one of the most prominent shoe designers in the world. He has three tips for those who want to make it in the ultra-competitive fashion industry:

  • Keep an open mind. Too many young fashion designers and other try to enter the industry with a fixed idea of what they want to do in fashion. Mark Schwartz of Tampa knew he wanted to design shoes, but he kept his mind open to other possibilities. Never restrict yourself to one career path; you may stumble on a job you like better.
  • Make every job what you want it to be. Job titles like “creative director” and others are nebulous titles that carry no right way to do them. Make every position you take in the fashion industry the job you want.
  • Problem-solve to gain access. The best creative directors and designers never take no for an answer when it comes to access. Mark Schwartz of Tampa had to fight and solve problems in creative ways to get in the door of some of the most exclusive fashion companies and clubs in the industry.
Mark Schwartz Tampa used his resourcefulness in Tampa and his connection to shoe design legend Roger Vivier to put himself in a position to rise in the fashion industry with his brilliant shoe designs and artistic skill.

Mark Schwartz - Tampa Shoe Designer on Success in the Fashion Industry

Mark Schwartz is a Tampa shoe designer and artist who has seen his shoe designs grace models in Paris, New York, and Milan runways. He has worked in the fashion industry for over 30 years, starting his career under the wing of the legendary Roger Vivier. He is now the partner of a successful shoe manufacturer near Milan. Schwartz found success early on in his career by sticking to the following tips from veteran fashion insiders:

  • Start at the bottom. Mark Schwartz began his career before moving to Tampa as an intern for Roger Vivier. His first position was unpaid, but he loved working with the shoe design master and learned invaluable skills and lessons that helped him succeed in the industry afterward. For newcomers to the fashion industry, Schwartz urges them to start as an assistant or intern and work their way up.
  • Explore your options. There are many different ways to work in the fashion industry. As you start perusing your options, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. You won’t love everything about your job in the fashion industry, but at least you’ll learn from the experience.
  • Be prepared to work. Loving fashion and design is not the same as wanting to work in fashion. Making it in this industry requires working long hours and going the extra mile every day. Mark Schwartz has worked tirelessly in Tampa for over 30 years.

Mark Schwartz has enjoyed a successful career in fashion from his Tampa home.