Catholic Schools Week 2014

HFS Theme Dress Days

Show your spirit with us this week! You will receive a ticket for every day you dress the theme. During our Pep Assembly on Friday, winners will be drawn for various gift cards. Join the fun with your fellow Owls!

Monday: 2014 Catholic Schools Week shirts and jeans

Tuesday: Dress as an Era Day

Need Ideas?

50's: poodle skirts, "Grease" style clothing, big hair, leather jackets

60's Hippies: bell bottoms, Peace style accessories, long dresses, headbands, etc...

70's Disco Era: leisure suits, platform shoes, plaid pants, jumpsuits, etc...

80's: jean jackets with pins, leg warmers, side pony tails, neon colored clothing, big bangs

90's: tight-rolled, stone-washed jeans, high top shoes, scrunchy socks, BUM Equipment,

hyper-color, The Simpsons, perms

Wednesday: Team Spirit Day

Dress head to toe in your favorite sports team attire!

*8th Grade only: CSW shirts and khakis

Thursday: Sunday Dress: no jeans!

Friday: CRAZY Blue and White HOOT Style dress