Digital citizenship Project

Aaron F. period 6

1.Digital Etiquette

Be nice.

Say nice thing on social media or you will start a flame wars be nice on social media to not hurt any ones feelings.

2. Information Privacy

Be private online.

Don't share your personal information with others online. If you do share, make sure that it's not a spammer.

3.Social Networking

Being social with others

For people to meet and communicate on the network. You can put photos what you like on your profile.

4.Online Safety

Rule 1.keep your identity a secret

Don't share your real name password or age to anyone just like the real world

rule 2. be careful with strangers

If you have online friends. remember all you know about them is what they tell you that makes it easy for people to hide what they really are.


being a bully

Sending mean text at someone to make other feel mad. It cause a lot of damage on someone and never fight back just ask a adult to help.


steal someone's work

be taking someone else work be copying like a test if you just copy it on a book or a website you will get a F on your test or homework


The rights of a creator

a creator rights of his or her making and can be enforced by a court of law. You have the rights to make a copy that you made