Where's Middle Earth? Ireland!!!!

By: Sritha Donepudi


The landscape of Ireland is very green and pretty. There are many waterways that consist of lakes, canals, and a variety of rivers. There are also many different mountain ranges with underground caves and other things to explore. The main languages are Irish and English. The written language is based on the Latin language. The national symbol is a harp, and St. Patrick's is a national holiday. The main religion is Christianity and the Shamrock and Leprechauns are very important to Irish culture. Generally, the Irish eat hearty meals like soups and stews. People in Ireland watch shows that people here and in Britain watch. So they're not too different, even though the landscape is.


I think that Ireland could be Middle Earth. Ireland has a lot of similarities with how Middle Earth was described in "The Hobbit." First of all, in the book it's described as a very natural place with greenery and mountain. Ireland has plenty of greenery, which is what it's know for, and has many mountains. Along with that, when Bilbo and the dwarfs get stuck in the mountains, they find them selves in and out of caves, and there's a lot of mountain and underground caves to be explored. The book says that there are many forms of water like lakes and rivers, and there's many lakes and streams and rivers in Ireland. There are small details too in Ireland. Throughout Ireland you can find large stones in rivers and stone roads, which is mainly what Bilbo and the dwarfs travel on. Overall, both places look and are pretty natural looking. That's why I think that Ireland should be Middle Earth.

Features of Ireland

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Counter Claims

I think that Ireland would best represent Middle Earth, but other people have different ideas. People say that the mountains aren't snow capped. Although, during the winter the mountains are snow capped, and in higher elevated places, they are snow capped through out the year. The mountains aren't very misty all year, but they are quite foggy at certain times. There's really no other counter claims for this. There are pretty much no places that can have both natural icy and cold mountains and beautiful green landscape. This is about the closest you can get to Middle Earth with all its grassy lands, mountains, caves, waterfalls, stone paths, and so much more.


Ireland is a great place to represent Middle Earth. Everything that's been said backs that up. There's so much that's in Ireland that's described to be in Middle Earth. There's a lot of grassy and green landscape, and Middle Earth is a very natural place. There's stone paths and rocks in rivers just like there are in "The Hobbit." It's very rare to find details like that. Most importantly, there's mountains that are high up and streams that run through the bottom, along with plenty of caves. So now, it's clear that Ireland could definitely be Middle Earth.
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