March / April 2014 - Don't forget EXPO 04/09!


  • Science- We continue to learn about physical and chemical changes as we experiment with mixing different solids in liquids, separating solids, and sugar melting races. We will be observing evaporation and salt crystals this week and experimenting with the component colors of the colors green and black.
  • Math- Fun with fractions, including Moby Lisa works of art with equivalent fractions, and measuring in meters, yards, inches, and centimeters have been keeping us very engaged in math class.

ARTISTS lately...

  • In February we learned about African American potters of the Edgefield, SC region.
  • http://video.pbs.org/video/1918318256/ local connection to face jugs
  • In March we learned about women's history and the American impressionist, Mary Cassatt.
  • In April the children will experiment with pointillism as they learn about the science of how the human eye blends color with the French artist, Seurat. We will also learn about the inventor of the mobile, Alexander Calder, as we experiment with making our own mobiles in our upcoming balancing and weighing science unit.
  • Don't forget our art museum trip is Friday, May 16, 2014. All parents are welcome. More details to follow.

Goodbye, winter! Hello, spring!

We had a very long winter. Snow days and playing in the snow may be fun, but too many indoor recesses are not! The whole first floor at Central School celebrated and welcomed spring on March 20, 2014 at 12:57 PM! A walk around the school was in order to look for signs of spring! 56 degrees Fahrenheit never felt so warm! Look at some of the statistics of this past winter!


Save the date! Earth Day Walking Trip Wed., 04/23!

Pack your lunches and get ready to learn how we can be good citizens and help our environment! We will visit HMHS and participate in hands on activities designed by environmental science students. Don't forget to bring back your permission slips!

Below is a link to a short interesting article I just read in the March 2014 edition of Parent and Child magazine. I thought it was valuable and wanted to share it with you. Being a parent is the toughest job! I also feel an incredible responsibility as your child's teacher. Parent and teacher expectations are high, but we will continue to do our best together in this important relationship in our ever changing world!