Oil Tank Removal East Orange NJ

Underground Oil Tank Removal NJ. (New Jersey)

Testing of the existing tank and surrounding area.

Have the tank tested for not only leaks, but soil pollution as well, this could result in underground water pollution, due the soil becoming saturated with oil.

Corrosion tests are a good indicator as to the state of the tank.

Piping should be tested as well, not only for leaks but corrosion as well.

Be sure to obtain an EPA Certified Tank Test with Soil Analysis from a certified testing company.

Soil and underground water testing and analysis is very important, as this will determine the state of the soil and underground water, and what remedies are available to rectify the state of the soil and water if required.

This type of testing is generally done using a geoprobe machine, penetrating the siol to a depth of approximately 1,8m. Underground water testing is more involved, as the contractor will install a well to withdraw water, these samples will sent to a certified NJDEP certified laboratory for analysis.

Be sure to obtain all Certificates for the tank testing as well soil and underground water remediation, these certificates are to be issued by a NJDEP certified laboratory.

Tank Removal.

This is a complex task, as many factors play a major role in the removal, location on your property, the depth of the current tank, proximity to services on your property.

A good contractor will have all the tools/machinery required to detect any uncharted services which may be underground, in close proximity to the tank.

The excavation of the area around the tank will vary according to the size of the tank, all services if there are any will have to be made safe and secured, as to prevent the disturbance, of rendering the service they were designed to provide.

Equipment, machinery will vary in size and capacity, to suit the required excavation and haulage of the tank.

Once removed and taken off site, the real work begins, this where the prior testing of soils and underground water will determine what remedial work is required, prior to importing backfill to make good the area.

Remedial work

This will depend entirely on the results of the testing and the reports from the Laboratory.

It may require the removal of more soil as it was contaminated by a leaking tank or pipe, this can be done by importing clean soil and gravel, which will be placed in the excavation and compacted to the correct density, as specified by the Lab Report or an Engineer.

Contaminated water can be treated by a chemical process, this treatment is to be done in accordance with Laws of the State of New Jersey.

Completion of the works should leave the area, in the same state as it was prior to work beginning, lawns and plants to be rehabilitated and made good.

In closing the onus is upon the homeowner to have all documentation verified by a certified inspector of the State. Obtain multiple quotes and compare them before appointing a contractor.

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