Robot wars

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put your robot to the ultimate test and find out who the best.

robot wars

Tuesday, Dec. 9th, 5:30pm to Friday, Jan. 19th 2018 at 11:30pm

North Carolina, United States

  1. RULES
  2. must have robot
  3. Robot must not be used outside the Cage
  4. No sabotage
  5. You will be checked at the door
  6. No Explosives
  7. No foul languge
  8. No stealing
  9. No smoke
  10. No Drugs
  11. No animals
  12. Must be a robot wars Registered Robot
  13. no guns knifes bows
  14. must be 16 or older
  15. 25 dollars for all admission
  16. No shirt no shoes no fight
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