The glass castle

Joseph Schlachter

Mental illness

Rex Walls has a mental health problem because he always argues with his family all the time. Rex Walls has an autism mental illness. He always get mad when talking to his wife. He finds communicating to other people dificult .

civil disobedience

Rex walls does not even pay his bills when he moves to a home.


Rex Walls has a problem with motivation and emotion state. He goes very crazy when he does not drink and he always disappears in front f the family to drink

Homeless emergency Assstance and rapid transaction to housing act

The homeless emergency assistance helped Jeannette and her family get money and food for their families. They go buy the food using their own money. They get money by gambling and the homeless emegency assstance goes to the bank to trade money.

parental rights in America

I think the parents do not care about taking care of there kids. THe parents are neglecting the kids

Dad is an alcoholic. He as as a long term of a mental illness. Mom treats Jeannette and the kids with strict disipline.

school atendance laws

I think Jeannette parents neglect her to go to school because their experience is important than school. Jeannete did not go to school because her mother is sick.