Old Dominion University

Criminal Justice

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Norfolk, Va

What are the admission requirements?

GPA: must be greater than 3.3

SAT score: 511 for math and 510 reading

ACT score: 21 or higher

High school diploma: 4 years English, 4 years math, 3 years history, 3 years forigen language.

Aoplication fee:


What must be submitted to apply?

SAT score, ACT score, $50, and your completed application.

Department that I will work with:

Law enforcement.



How many hours will you need a symester?

24 hours a symester.

What is the tuition/ rank/ income?

Tuition: $316-345 per credited hour.

Rank: 39 credited hours (120 total)

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Is there any financial aid?

Yes there is. To get it you need to be in financial need and appl through the FAFSA.

Statistics for job placement:

There is a 5% chance.

Quote from someone in the criminal jutice major.

"You have to discipline your children, or they won't respect you, law enforcment, or God, or anyone else."

What interestic sites/ attractions are near Old Dominion?

Bush Gardens, Shenandoah National Park, Williamsburg Historic Disrict.
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