Spice Project

Spice or Herb??

The mint plant is a herb not a spice.

What is the Mint generally used in, and how??

The mint is generally used as a garnish for desserts and is also used with lamb and in Middle Eastern cuisines. The mint may also be mashed up and this way is can be put into foods, for example the picture bellow.

What climate is the Mint generally grown in?

The mint is generally grown in somewhat tropical zones, they grow best in climates between 60-80 degrees. The mint likes somewhat moist soil, and can handle a lot of different climates. Like noted before the mint is pretty easy to grow, it grows almost anywhere.

Mint Pictures

Where does the mint come from??

The mint is grown worldwide. This is because the mint plant is actually very easy to grow, and grows best in temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees.

Which part is used??

When being used as an ingredient the leaf is the only part of the plant that is used. But if it is being used as a garnish then the leaf and a small bit of the stem is used (but very little).

Interesting Facts about the Mint:

1.) Greeks used this to clean their banqueting tables and added to their baths to stimulate their bodies.

2.) The name "mint" comes from the numph Menthe, who was turned into a plant by the goddess Perserpina when she found out that Pluto was in love with her.