Slavery Selection

By: Megan Winkle & Natalie barker

What two things eased the pain of slavery?

To have families, could buy freedom.

What are two types of slaves?

There were house and field slaves some some work in inside or outside.

What age were you considered a adult to slave owners?

At the age of 12 you were treated the exact same way as a 25 year old.

What were living conditions like for slaves?

Very hard work, and very bad living conditions.

How long did field slaves work on a daily base?

They worked from sunrise to sunset or all day,

What were 3 things house slaves?

Cook, clean, and care for little children.

Hardest task for house slaves?


Why did house slaves not get Sunday off?

They had to work for their owners family.

What were perks of being a house slave?

You could have a learning experience.

Why did house slaves listen to their owners conversations?

To warn others if they were being sold and stuff like that.

What did children do if they were under 8 years old?

Carry water.

What were daily routines for slaves?

Work, getting beaten, live in poor conditions.

What type of punishments did slaves get?

Whippings, beatings, or even getting killed.