Volume 1 Issue 13

Points to Poinder

Word of the Month: Effective Communication
Thought of the Week: Instruction does much, but encouragement does everything. -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Party Time: The holiday party is Friday night! We hope to see you there!

Important Information

-You should have received an email last week that indicated that we will dismiss at 11:00 on December 22nd. You are free to leave that day after you have completed your duties. That day is supposed to be a full day for all staff. Please be sure to keep a record of the time you have worked to compensate for the 3 hours that you will not work that day.
-Mrs. Ranney is hosting a training/orientation for a new set of reading volunteers from First Baptist Church tomorrow. We have entered into a partnership with First Baptist Church and we look forward to how this partnership will benefit both parties. Remember, TEAMFMES includes our community partners. It takes a village!
-If we have not met to discuss your SLO or GBE yet, please let me know!
-We will have a team leader meeting this Wednesday in the media center. There should be at least one representative from each area in attendance. Be sure to bring your concerns, etc.
-Let's be Reflective Practitioners....
The words of the month are Effective Communication. The posters that we developed regarding communication are still hanging in the mailroom (purposefully). What do you notice about what communication is and is not? Can you make any changes in what you do daily that would improve the way you communicate? Something I have noticed...the more agitated some get, the louder your voice gets with your students. Yelling is not an appropriate form of communication...ever! Please be cognizant of your tone and volume at all times.

The importance of's all in the details...

Checking to see if who is really reading to the was an up and down type of night, but Panthers win! Jeans and Panthers gear tomorrow.