AHS Volleyball News

It's been so long!!!

Blacklight Fundraiser

Our bill for the officer came in and his cost was less than the high estimate ($204 compared to $240). Overall we made $253.85. Not too shabby. That's enough to buy some much needed, as last year's Freshmen know, spandex and new uniform jersey's. The new design has not been created yet #lifeisbusy, but we'll get something out for you guys to look at relatively soon. I can absolutely see us doing this event again next year. We're still getting compliments from our school administration regarding the event and even admin from OTHER schools as well. Pretty nifty huh?

Spring Fling

UD Volleyball has their Annual fundraiser each year as an outdoor grass volleyball tournament. It's a pretty cool event and people generally have a lot, I mean A LOT, of fun out in the sun playing volleyball with their friends and others. Teams happen in groups of 4, registration is $25 per person, there's door prizes, a free t-shirt and more information can be found here.
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Setter School

This will be held at the Tatnall School between July 23rd and July 28th, for the 8th straight year. A beginner/intermediate camp that lasts 16hrs and an Elite camp that lasts 30hrs. Last fall, Blue Hen VBC trained setters played for Archmere, Tatnall, Conrad, Polytech, Padua and Wilmington Friends. Each of these setters received hours of attention to the footwork, hand contact and the strategy of setting.

Attacking Academy

The Attacking camp will run from June 20th to 24th at the Tatnall School. The camp is run by Francis Dallatore, an accomplished D-III men's player and high school coach. He is a Dickinson and Rivier College alum and currently assists the Brandywine VBC 17s team, while he is still competing at the men's semi-pro level.

Team Camp

We will be participating in a Team camp this year at UD. The cost is $135 per person. Those of you who are still interested need to have payment in ideally by next Monday. Right now, there are 3 spots left on both teams that we can fill, which are divided by grade-level and experience. If you haven't turned in payment or information yet, go here and make it hap'n Cap'n!

Team camp happens in the evening from 6pm to 8:30pm July 25-27 and is literally practice and clinics with specific instruction conducted by Division 1 college coaches. Hands up if this sounds fantastic.

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I thought so...

School Day SATs are on Tuesday, Horray!!!

Some Reminders

  • Remember participation in the listed camps or clinics or activities is NOT necessary to tryout or earn a spot on the Appo Volleyball Team.
  • Also participation in these camps or clinics/activities, or lack thereof, will NOT be held against you during tryouts. The purpose is to give you information to do with as you wish :)
  • For those of you planning on participating in Summer League, it will occur on Wednesdays during the summer. Specific details about the program have not been posted yet.
  • Tryouts for Appo Volleyball start Monday August 15th. Detailed information will follow later.

Contact Us

Feel free to follow me on Instagram @the_branderson. Let me know if you have any questions. I love answering them. Have fun.