Saliva Theme Park

The Newest Ride that everyone Loves "The Big Chew"!!!


The mouth is the first thing you go through in "The Big Chew".When you go through you stop and the mouth closes and you'll just gonna enjoy the ride down the Esophagus.Chemical digestion is apart of it also and Mechanical Digestion.Pepsin is an acid in your mouth and Enzymes is just like saliva. Epiglottis is attached to your tongue.


The Esophagus is the best part your like a piece of food and its just a bumpy ride down to the stomach. The whole thing is just about how your digestive system works.Peristalsis is like food that contracts. Mucus is inside your throat and could also be in your nose.


Bile is in the stomach and it helps break down the fats.

Small intestine

Villus is located in the small intestine and absorbs nutrients


Large Intestine


Large Intestine