Brooklin Chambers

Is Uranus a terrestrial planet planet or jovian?

The planet Uranus is a Jovian planet which means it is a gas giant

What is the length of one year on uranus

on venus it takes 84.3 year to make one revolution, on earth is takes one year to complete one revolution.

What is the length of one day on uranus

one day is equal to 17 hours and 14 minutes on venus.

how many moons does this planet have, you ask?

The planet Uranus has 27 moons that we know of, there is a possibility that there may be more

Does Uranus have rings? and if s owhat are they made out of?

Yes, Uranus has 9 brighter rings which are made out of ice chunk or ice boulders surrounded by small rocks.

what is the composition of its atmosphere

Uranus's atmosphere is primarily composed of Hydrogen and Helium.

What is the average temperature on Uranus.

Uranus's average temperature is about -224 degrees Celsius , nearly the coldest planet in the solar system.

3 distinguishing facts about uranus.

1. It takes 84 earth days to orbit the sun

2.Uranus rotates on its axis once every 17 hours and 14 minutes

3.Uranus wind speeds can reach up to 900 km an hour

name 2 missions and there dates.

Voyager 2: radioed thousands of pictures/images and scientific data

20 August 1977

Voyager 1:collected information on its atmosphere.

5 September 1977

Mythology behind uranus

Uranus was a primal Greek god, symbolising the sky. According to Hesiod's theogany , he was born by Gaea alone. Other sources say that his parents were Gaea and Chaos , or Gaea and Aether