one of the forgotten heros in the civil war

Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses S. grant was a commander in the civil war. He was born in April 27th, 1822, Point pleasant, OH. When he was a kid he had to go west word under his own will than gratitude.


Grant fought in many battles, one of them was in the Mexican war under Zachary Taylor. In the Civil war Grant sought to take control over the Mississippi valley. In February 1862

he took fort Henry and attacked fort Doleson. when the confederate commander asked for any terns grant said "no terms". the confederate surrendered and Lincoln promoted

Ulyssyes to major general.

His Wife

He married a woman named Julia grant

His death

Before he passed away by cancer he was paying off depts to his family and ended off writing 450,000$ then in 1885 he died.