Badminton Study Guide

By: Julia Faught



The birdie or shuttlecock

The birdie or shuttlecock as it is traditionally called, is what you hit in badminton.

The racket

The racket in badminton is very light and has a long handle. It is also very easy to break so be careful when you handle it. The part you grip is the handle and nothing else.
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Rules of Badminton

How to serve

This is how you serve : Step 1: Put your racket at a downwards facing angle, Step 2: Hold the birdie at a angle, Step 3: Hit the birdie with your racket over the net to start the game.


In a regular game of badminton Men's games play to 15 points for both Singles and Doubles games and in Women's games Singles are played to 11 points and Doubles are played to 15 points. In PE we play to 11 points.

Serving rules

Rules for serving in a game of badminton: 1: Only the serving team can score points in badminton the other team can not, 2: If you hit a serve it must be an underhand serve and below the waist, 3: Also if you serve it must diagonal and pass the other teams short service line.

Faults in Badmiton

It is considered a fault if during the service the birdie is hit above the players waist and any part of the racket is above the person who is serving hand. It is also a fault if the birdie lands in the wrong court or the wrong person receives a serve, if the severs of receiver's feet are not in proper service court during the serve, if the birdie falls outside the boundaries or passes under the net, players body or racket touches the net, if the birdie is hit twice in a row, and it is a fault on the opponent in badminton if the birdie hits a player whether inside or outside the boundaries.

History of badminton

Badminton started out as a similar game called battledore played n 5th century B.C. China. Then during the 17th century it was played in India, there it was known as Poona. Then British army officers brought the game back to England around 1873. There the Duke of Beaufort became interested in the game, since it was regularly played at his country estate called "Badminton", this became associated with the game. In 1978 the first Us badminton club opened in New York. In 1992 the game became an Olympic medal sport in the Summer Olympic Games.

The court

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Here is the vocab for badminton :

  • Side out - When the serving team has a loss of service
  • Fault - A violation of the rules
  • Birdie - what you hit with the racket , also called shuttlecock
  • Let - A point of interference in which the point is replayed
  • Match - Winning 2 out of 3 games
  • Inning - The series in which a team has to serve until they lose the rally
  • Down - The series in which one person has to serve until they lose the rally
  • In Side - The team who is serving
  • Out Side - The team who is receiving

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