Butterfly Newsletter


A happy "Farewell" to all of the remaining Butterflies taking off for kindergarten. We wish you a safe landing at your new school and come visit us during the coming year.

July has been filled with much water play and fun ocean life discoveries. Many of you have been to the beach and brought back authentic treasures. Imagine that smell during share time. :)

August will be about pets and transportation. If you have a gentle, child-tolerant pet, please let us know and we can try to arrange a visit. You are all welcome to bring photos of your pet as well as endearing stories.

Then, how did we get to school today? By boat, by airplane, by train or by snowboard? Riding horses or bikes use to be the only way, aside from walking. Travel back in time and find joy in slowing down a little. Even if it is for just one day. Take a careful look at our dates in regards to school closures and back to school.

Keep swimming and running through your sprinklers, but most of all ... enjoy your wonderful children!

So long,

Miss Barbara

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