Digital Citizenship

Social Media Bailey R


Cyberbullying a form of bullying that happens using technological devises. 42% of children have been bullied while online. If you seem to come across cyberbulying your can tell your parents, gardian, or a teacher. If it gets really bad you can contact Kids Helpline or eheadspace or SyberSmart

Online Safety

Never give away your password and username to anyone or if they have a lttle fight or something they will go and tell everyone what your user and password is and that will not be safe anyone.

Never ever give out your home adress or street, not even your your postcode.

You probably shouldnt give out your full name, not even your fist name. You can give out a nickname or shortname becasue that gives out no information about yoursleves :)

Also dont send random people pictures of your self, you can make a avatar on the websit to be much more safe online. (OnlineSafety)


Sometimes it is a bit hard to realise that there is a real person on the other end of the game or messages. It is alot easier to say mean or rude things online since the person cant see you or your reactions to things.You should always treat others the way you would like to be treated. Also treat your self nicely aswell as everyone else. (Netiguette)