First Grade Addition Facts

Throughout First Grade, your child will be working on addition and subtraction facts! It is important that your child memorizes these facts to make math easier this year and in the future!

In order to keep up the motivation to practice addition facts, we will begin a fun activity called a “Build-a-Fact Sundae.” Your child will be allowed to go to their teacher and recite the list of facts they have practiced. For example, if a student is ready to test on their addition facts for 2, then their teacher will call out the facts and mark it on a checklist. Students can be “tested” orally, written, or on the computer. Whatever the method of testing, the students will be timed. Basic addition facts need to be mastered. This means students automatically know the answer without counting on their fingers, drawing pictures, or using a number line.

Each time students master a set of facts, they will receive a part of the sundae. The final day to master all of their facts for the sundae will be on Friday, May 6th. At the party, students will get the pieces of the sundae they have earned.

We are giving students plenty of time to master these facts, so the expectation is that all students will make a complete sundae. Memorization of these basic facts is very important because your child will need to know many more facts (multiplication and division) in their remaining school years. If these basic facts are mastered now, it will definitely make math easier in the future!

Please encourage your child to study at home in order to receive all parts of their sundae. The sundae parts are listed on the back of this letter. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

Thank You,

The First Grade Team

Parts of the Sundae


You must master all of the addition facts (0-10) in order to receive a complete sundae. Once you master a set of facts, you will receive that item.

0 = Spoon

1 = Bowl

2 = 1 Scoop of Ice Cream

3 = 1 Scoop of Ice Cream

4 = 1 Scoop of Ice Cream

5 = Whipped Cream

6 = Chocolate Syrup

7 = Sprinkles

8 = Candy topping

9 = Candy topping #2

10 = Cherry on top

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