Owl Babies

One scary, gloomy night there were 3 cute, adorable, little owl babies Sarah, Percy and Bill. They lived in a nest made of sticks and feathers in the top of a high tree. One gloomy night they woke up and their mummy was vanished. Sarah said, “Maybe she went hunting” Percy said, “Maybe she found some food”, Bill said, “I want my mummy”. They went on a big long branch. Sarah said “Maybe she went hunting and got eaten”, Percy said, “Maybe she found mice and things that are nice.” Bill said “I want my mummy”. They thought and thought. They were worried and hungry. They closed their eyes and went to sleep. Then excitedly, their mum swooped slowly and came to the worried owl babies. They jumped like jumping jellybeans. They said, “Mummy!” They danced like hip hop dancers. They flapped their wings like rockets. Mother owl said, “You knew I would come back.” Sarah and Percy said, “I knew that you would come back.” Bill said “I love my mummy.”

The End.

By Year 1

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