Friday Notes for LMS Staff

December 1, 2017

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Binder check for Wednesday, December 6: Math

Upcoming Meetings:

Monday, December 4: Leadership Meeting

Wednesday, December 6: Required Get It #4 Module for all staff

Wednesday, December 6: Staff Meeting @ 8 am or 3:55. Everyone that submitted a grant to the NPS Foundation must attend in the am session. They will be here to present grants.

All GET IT Modules must be completed by December 8th.

If you missed a Get It Module, Jennifer Tupper will direct you to the online makeup module. Please see her and have those completed by December 8th.

Supervision of Students

Students MAY NOT be outside without supervision. Please make sure if you have a small group wanting to work outside of the classroom that there is supervision of those students with an adult.

Flex Time Classes are due by Wednesday, December 6th.

Please complete the google spreadsheet with your Flex Time Classes for the 3rd Quarter.
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See the email from Hutchinson with the treat days for December.