Colum-YES day

Should we celebrate Columbus day? Students say "yes!"

Who is Christopher Columbus?

Exploiter or Explorer? It is a great controversy when talking about Renaissance Italian, Christopher Columbus. Some people say he was a ruthless person, forcing the mesoamerican natives into slavery and ultimately, to it’s end. Others, like myself and other students think that it was just something that is part of history, and we should celebrate the man that opened the Americas to Europeans..

The Hard Truth.

Whether we like it or not, Columbus has made us Americans what we are today, and it would be dumb not to recognize it. He set in motion the widespread transfer of plant, animals, diseases, people and culture that greatly affect nearly every society in the planet. Without the findings of Christopher Columbus, Europeans would not have their staple such as tomatoes, corn and potatoes. America would not have horses and other things that are a norm. Although he gets mixed fandom, Christopher Columbus is a legacy as an explorer and without him, our lives would be much differen