Stop three on the Brymer Road Trip 2014

First views!

Your first look at the Grand Canyon is just breathtaking. Your brain can't even process what your eyes are telling you it sees! The layers of rock, from the Kaibab top layer all the way to the Vishnu Basement (the very bottom of the Earth's layers) there are colors and shapes and a RIVER down at the bottom! You are looking at a river a MILE below you! At one of the points, you can actually hear the rapids, and it is a MILE below you! It is amazing. When I looked at my pictures, I thought they all looked like the same thing, But I assure you, they are all very different!

Exploring the Canyon

Lots to Take In!

There were some very daring brothers, the Kolb brothers, who explored the Canyon and decided to start a photography/movie business there. They made the very first movie of their adventures and we actually got to see it. Sort of boring, but interesting to see how they climbed up and down the cliffs. They built a studio that looks like it is just rising out of the canyon. Their views were amazing. Mike makes fun of me for some of the things I bring from home on our trips...they had a silver tea service and oriental rugs.

Mike and Beth

You really should take a look at his website! I know that lots of people can't go to some of these places, but his artwork will make you feel like you are there!

Getting around the canyon

The NPS has really organized moving around the canyon well. There is a main road out to some very awesome viewpoints that you will only get to see if you take their air conditioned buses! The crowds were huge, but you really didn't feel crowded because there was so much space for everyone. It was scary looking down into the canyon and there were some parents who were not as careful as others while watching their kids. I read that there are hundreds of accidents yearly from people not being careful. It is easy to not be careful...