Paws to Read

Andre J.

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My favorite book

My favorite book is the perks of being a wall flower

latest blog entry

my latest blog entry was reading BearStone by: Will Hobbs because I had to for a school booklet thing fro reading.

about me

im 12 years old, I like to watch tv, I like food , I like black, I have stage fright, my favorite movie is the perks of being a wall flower

10 things about me as a reader

1. If Im going to read I will read a fantasy

2. When I read I read at night until I get so bored I fall asleep.

3. I read in my bed at night with my lamp that's on my nightstand

4. I like to read with gum in my mouth

5. if a book doesn't have an appealing or cool cover I wont read it


I'm So Freakin' Bored

im so freakin bored by: lifespot1

When I read I get so bored and like in the song when i see one ill run away from it.