Instructional Technology

11/30/15 - 12/4/15


  • Please remember to check the availability of a ChromeCart before putting in a request for one at

  • Also on that website, I have included a calendar so you can view the availability of the iPads. Please remember you may only check out iPads for three days at a time.

Thank you for everything you do!

This week's featured technology: Touchcast!

Last year I did a quick video on Touchcast, but it wasn't a how-to, more of an example. You can view that below.

Touchcast is a way to record videos, and embed multimedia pieces in it. It would be great for a flipped classroom, to post things on your Google Classroom, or even as a project-based learning assignment for students.

Currently Touchcast works only on iPads. It does have a PC beta version, but you will need a webcam, and mic to make it work. Please feel free to check out some iPads if you are interested in using this app!

What is touchcast
**one note from the video above: I say you cannot edit the video - this has changed since last year. There is a limited editing tool on the app.

Now for the how-to

So this year I finally created the how-to video.

Normally I try to keep my videos around five minutes, and no longer than ten. No luck this time. This video is nearly 14 minutes, and I still talk faster than I would like. There's a lot of information! You will not receive an IT newsletter next week, so hopefully this makes up for it!

Finally, some of the audio/video may be a little off because I was syncing two devices to make this video.

Please contact me if you would like any additional training on using Touchcast!