A Recipe for a Civil War

A Recipe to Fight for


1 cup of Abraham Lincoln

3 cups of slaves

2 1/2 cups of southerners

2 cups of Missouri compromise

1 1/2 cups of bleeding Kansas

1 cup of the election of 1860

1/2 cup of Dred Scott V. Sanford (1857)

3 tbsp of the fugitive slave act

2 1/2 cup of northerners

2 cups of the fort sumter

1 cup of John Brown


  1. Have the Missouri compromise expand in the west and let California be a free state.
  2. Have the fugitive slave act in the free states up north.
  3. Have slaves in the south.
  4. Have the election of 1860 begin.
  5. Let Abraham Lincoln win the election.
  6. Let the southerners boil.
  7. Let John Brown raid the Harper's Ferry in Virginia.
  8. Have the Dred Scott v. Sanford debate.
  9. Let the south split from the union.
  10. Have the fort sumter begin the battle.

Let the battle begin!