Gun Control is a Must

You can't build Peace with a Piece

Firearms are one of the Main Causes of Death in America

In the year of 2010, 30,459+ american's lost their lives due to firearms. A majority of these deaths where from Suicides, and following behind those deaths where Homicides.

The US has more firearm homicides than any other country in the world

In the picture you can see that the United States is leading with the most deaths because of guns compare to any other country in the world. It is estimated that Americans own a total of more than 300 Million firearms.

Rid The Piece in Order to Achieve Peace

To easy to access

Guns are too easy for criminals and or former criminals to purchase guns. This ease of access of weapons isn't safe and causes many problems today. "Guns don't kill people, People kill people" The guns make the situation more dangerous and make the person more lethal.

Different Types of Firearms

There are a plethora of assault weapons for a person to own and use the right/wrong way. As you can see in the graph, the most used weapons in homicides are Handguns and multiple firearms being carried by the perpetrator