The Weekly Jr. Oiler

November 3, 2017

Dwyer's Halloween was the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

Jr. Oilers had such a fun day on Halloween! Not only were students allowed to dress up, but tons of themed learning took place that day. Many of our 6th graders dressed up as idioms and their classmates had to guess what they were. One of our Science classes learned about properties of matter by doing spooky dry ice experiments. Other Core classes had students write about Halloween history, inquire and discuss about theories of Edgar Allen Poe's death, and even re-write the endings to some scary stories!

The PE Department got into the spirit by dressing up as the Village People and teaching all 1,370 students line dances throughout the day. What a great way to build school and team spirit! Your child may even have been "hashtagged" by the Human Hashtag, Mrs. Glembocki! It was certainly a great day full of fun and learning!

Staff Development

On November 1, students had no school so that teachers and staff could attend professional development throughout the day. During the morning sessions, staff had opportunities to attend things like CPR certification, STEM Studio, Technology and Assessments using the new Core adoption, and many more. The afternoon session was a site specific time for meeting. The Dwyer Team had a short staff meeting followed by some team bonding time. We have some pretty good bowlers among us!!
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What's Happening?

November 7 - Girls Basketball at Tewinkle

November 7 - Family Dinner Night, Boudin, 4-8 PM

November 8 - Boys Volleyball at Tewinkle

November 9 - Twin Day

November 10 - No school for Veterans Day