By: Kirkland Gammon

What a Keecker can do and Where is it used

A Keecker can project your favorite movie on any surface, take pictures and videos ,and also hook up to your phone to play you favorite song. The Keecker is used mostly in a home or an office depending on where you want it to help you. mainly ment for entertainment but could help you at work as long as it has a clear floor area to move around.

Is it multi functional and it's task preformance

The Keecker is multi functional. it preforms many tasks for entertaining as you can see above. The Keecker is preprogrammed but as you use it and the app it becomes your own.

Sensors , Advantages and Disadvantages

The Keecker has many sensors. It can check the weather outside , inside and the humidity. The advantages are, Keecker can alert you about your home when you are not there, it can be useble for any one especially old people because there are no cords for the to trip over sadly the disadvantage is that it does not have it's own wifi

The Impact , The jobs that keecker can create , and how it could be changed

The impact of keecker is that it would help you out in your home more than you think it would help you know whats going on in your home when your not there and other things like projecting stars on the ceiling for you or your kids to go to sleep with. The jobs it create are jobs for designing them and it creates jobs for app designers and finally it could be changed by having wifi .