Christopher Columbus

The Man that Discovered the Americas

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Christopher Columbus

Christopher was a famous explorer known for finding the Americas in 1492. In this brochure you will learn a little more about him. All of the websites i used for this will be at the bottom.

Early Life

Around October 20, 1451 Christopher Columbus was born. (No one really knows the exact date he was born.) His father was a weaver and cheese merchant, His mother took care of the family, and his brother was a cartographer. Together they lived in Lisbon, Portugal.

In 1492 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue

Christopher was wanting to go around Africa to Asia, after a year of going to different countries he finally got a country to pay for his trip. That country was Spain. On August 12, 1492 Christopher Columbus boarded one of the three ships, Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria.

After months of sailing at sea Christopher found what we call the Bahamas. He explored the land for awhile then decided to go back to spain. The other ships weren't able to make the trip back so he had to leave over forty men behind!

The Reason

Christopher was trying to go to Asia to trade spices, but wanted to make the trip shorter.He was trying to go around Africa but instead went to the Bahamas.

The Discoveries

Christopher is known to be the first European to find the Americas. He had three voyages to the Americas which made hime very popular at the time. Some people question if Columbus even discovered America, now Native Americans lived here but he discovered it for the Europeans.

The Legacy He Left

Christopher was made governor. That later was taken away from him for a few crimes. Spain did pay for more voyages. After many eventful things throughout his life he died on May 20, 1506, at age 54. Christopher died never knowing he found the Americas, he thought he found a new part of Asia. He changed the Americas and gave people in the future better lives.

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This is When He Landed In the Bahamas

Wednesday, Oct. 12th 1492 at 1am


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