History of Music

Come see our exhibit!

Our exhibit is about the history of music and how it has changed over time. We talk about how the way we listen to music has changed and how many different types of music there are and how they've evolved. We think children our age will love this exhibit.

How the Way We Listen to Music has Changed

Starting from 1980 we listened to vinyl record singles, cassettes, and LP/EP formats. Then, we started listening to CD's and music videos. Now, we mostly download music and we listen to the radio and purchase CD's. So not much has changed except we use more technologically advanced ways to listen to music.

All of the Different Types of Music

Today there are many different genres of music. It all started with the blues and classical or medieval music and now we have pop, rock, hip hop, reggae, country, rap, R&B, and many others that we all enjoy. There are so many types of music today. The musical industry has improved so much due to how much music has evolved. Our instruments that we use has evolved a lot too and have become much more advanced. Everyone loves something with a variety and music today definitely has a variety and that is another reason our exhibit would be perfect.