Ticket to pass

1. Yes she should have been fined because she doesn't have a ticket.

2. Yes she had no proof of her identity and could be just tricking them.

3. Yes because she has broken the law and that's all there is to it.

4.Yes because she has done the wrong thing.

5. Next time buy a ticket and don't forget her wallet.

1. Yes she should be fined for breaking the law.

2. Yes they did because she could just trying to get out of the fine.

3. Yes they do because she has broken the law and doesn't have proof of identity.

4. Yes because she has broken the law and now has to pay.

5. She could just leg it.

1. No she shouldn't because she is telling the truth and it should be obvious.

2. Sort of because people could trick them or lie all the time.

3. No they don't because she it telling the truth.

4. No because she has done nothing wrong but forget her wallet which is an honest mistake.

5. She could put in a complaint.