The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Alyssa Gairo


The authors text structure defines the characterization of Walter Mitty as timid and a push over.

First, Walter Mitty is very timid.

When you are timid you seem to let people walk all over you. Walter Mitty lets Mrs. Mitty walk all over him. She often tells him what to do. The parking attendent also tells him what to do when he is parking the car.
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Second, Walter MItty is a push over.

There are example from the story that let us know Walter MItty is a pushover. Mrs. Mitty often has control over Walter Mitty. She says, "You are driving to fast." She says this in the car when he day dreams about driving a plane through a hurricane. She also says, "You're tensed up again." She says this also when he drives his car.
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Finally, throughout this story Walter is pushed around a lot.

Mrs. Mitty doesnt believe that in the end, Mitty would stand up for himself. She said, "Im going to take your temperature." she was very supprised he stood up for himself. Although she still makes that comment which still pushes him over. Also when he talks to the parking garage guy, he makes a statment saying, " I'll wear my right arm in a sling; they wont grin at me then." He obviously has no confidence in himself if he wanted to make up a lie so people wouldnt grin at him.
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Walter Mittys characterization can be summed up with the textstucture of the story. His timidness and lack of confidence show after his daydreams.