You Cant go to School Naked

By Dianne Billstrom

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Characteristics of the book

ages 4-7

genre is Humer

34 pages

great bedtime book or pre first day of school book!


This story is about a young boy who does not want to wear cloths to school. The story goes though all of things that would happen if he did not want to wear cloths to school. For example if he did not wear cloths to school in the winter he would freeze because he did not have anything to keep him warm and cozy.

Literary Elements

The illustrations in this book where very good. Some of these pictured could have gone the wrong way due to the child being naked but I think the illustrations where done really well. none of the pictures fall into the gutter i think these pictures fit the story perfectly.

Reading online

I think some books are okay to be read online, but other are not. I did not enjoy reading this book online due to it was a good picture book but since it is on my computer I cant not see the good details as well as I would like. I think if the book being read online is just a books with words and no pictures reading online s not a bad thing but I feel like i lost out reading this book online.