For Small Hands

Bring some Montessori to your home

Orders are due by Friday, December 9th!

Many of the beautiful classroom materials throughout our school are purchased from Montessori Services. Montessori Services is a small company that is highly respected in the Montessori education community and they are based right here in Sonoma County. They have created a specific For Small Hands catalog designed for parents, grandparents and other family members to purchase items for to use at home. These items incorporate Montessori philosophy and technique, yet allow children and parents to use them in their own home without a formal Montessori lesson. These items provide an extension of what your children are learning at school and provide countless opportunities for you and your child to enjoy projects together at home.

With Christmas approaching quicker every year, you can choose from many wonderful items in this catalog and get a jump start on your Christmas shopping. This program runs from now through December. If you purchase items from the For Small Hands catalog, Willow Tree School receives credit toward materials for our classrooms, which means that everyone wins – mostly your child! Please be sure to order and For Small Hands items through Willow Tree School, so that we receive credit and we can pick up your order for you!

You can visit For Small Hands online and you can send the link to your family and friends. We will place one large group order in an effort to make the ordering process easier. Because Montessori Services is located in Santa Rosa, Cherie will pick up the order to save shipping costs. So please DO NOT include shipping in your payment amount, but please DO include sales tax. Please make checks payable to Willow Tree School.

We hope you will take advantage of the wonderful products in the For Small Hands Catalog and at the same time, you can help our school earn free materials for our classrooms and support a local business. It’s truly a win for everyone!

Please let Cherie know if you have any questions about materials in the catalog or the ordering process.

Thanks so much for your support!