NHS Library: What's Happening?

December 2012

Fiction Books to Know About

Non-Fiction Books to Know About

Websites to Know About


TubeChop is a tool that allows users to "chop" YouTube videos to include exactly what they want. Once the video is shortened to the length desired, a link or an embed code is provided so that users can add it to Moodle, class Web sites, or any other resource. All of this is done in 3 EASY steps! Visit Tubechop.com to learn more.

Awesome Screenshot

This web app allows users to capture an entire web page - or any portion of it - and annotate it with text, circles, arrows, etc. Users can even blur out sensitive information. Screenshots can be saved as an image to then be included in resources (like this newsletter!). Click the link to download Awesome Screenshot now: www.awesomescreenshot.com.

Other Information to Know About

3 Seniors Attend Microsoft's DigiGirlz Event

On November 15th, I accompanied three NHS seniors, Lauren Bennett, Dana Billingsley, and Rockie Brooks, in attending Microsoft's DigiGirlz event. DigiGirlz encourages young women to pursue careers in STEM by connecting them with women in the workforce and by showcasing the newest technology trends and products. Click here to read an article about DigiGirlz that was in the Des Moines Register.

Plagiarism: Stopping Word Thieves

This story, aired by CBS News, shows how plagiarism dramatically impacted two people's careers. It does a great job of showing the viewer just how serious the consequences are for stealing other people's thoughts and words. Check out the video by clicking here.

Use the Library as Another Classroom!

If your students are delivering presentations and you want a more formal setting or they are working on a group project and need space to spread out, sign up for the library! We can accommodate groups up to 60 and are happy to make any seating arrangement you need. Check out the picture of one of Mrs. Davis's students as he presents his Nature Philosophy Statement to Mr. Walker's class.