Whata burger

Just like you like it!


Liquid Capitol fee to start a Whataburger: $1,200,000

Equipment cost: $2,000-$3,500

Rate of return: 10%

Franchise fee: $0

Advertising: covered by Whataburger

Royalties: 4% or higher

Decor and landscaping costs: Covered by Whataburger

Land: up to franchisee

Water- Burger ?


Whataburger is a burger joint that is extremely popular in yes and some other southern states. It is a franchise with over 750+ locations since its start in 1950. Since the beginning, Whataburger has stayed true to its roots and its extremely lovable reputation. It embodies everything that people love about a hometown dinner.

Why Whataburger?

  • It's my childhood
  • It reminds me of home
  • I love the place
  • I would make a great manager
  • Certified food handeler (almost manager certified)
  • It would make great revenue like its predecessors


Twitter: @whataburger

Insta: @whataburger


I, Jake John, am an experienced restraint worker and I am certified by ServSafe to be a Texas food handeler. I love the fast paced environment and I have the necessery skills required to own a Whataburger.

Community/Company Information

Whataburger is a community driven company and it usually the centerpiece of whatever town it is situated in. It brings the "hometown dinner feel" that we all know to life. Whataburgers usually is in smaller communities but still enough to have a well off business.

The ideal demographics for Whataburger would be 13-21 years old because of the style of food and the way of serving. The income levels might not matter that too much but an ideal would be a medium to high income level area. Whataburger is growing everyday along with the reputation and image. At Whataburger employees are trained by their co workers and are taught to sell our product with efficiency and precision.

About the Whataburger franchise

  • The first Whataburger opened on August 8, 1950 and started franchises get as soon as they could.
  • Whataburger is all about quality and good service to the people. The values held are as high as can be
  • No one that has been to Whataburger has gone to the better business Bearou with any serious complaints that are worth noting, Whataburger is as good as a company as any other if not better when it comes to service and reputation.c
  • Location on the place would vary, one must get it approved by the board of directors. But general location is up to the franchisee


The company is headquartered in 300 Concord Plaza Drive, a 140,000-square-foot building in San Antonio