Child Abuse

End the Silence on Domestic Violence!


-3-5 children die a day because of child abuse, child abuse is not only physical but emotional, sexual and may also be neglect.

-In 2013 an estimate of 1520 children died from abuse and neglect in the U.S., 68 percent of the victims are being abused by a family member or someone who is in their lives daily.

Prevalence as reported by participants in landmark CDC/Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences study 1

Category - Prevalence (%)

Physical Abuse - 28.3

Sexual Abuse - 20.7

Emotional Abuse - 10.6

Physical Neglect - 9.9

Emotional Neglect - 14.8

Abuse and neglect may lead a child into a negative path for their future. Being abused as a child has many effects in their school, self-esteem, and future relationships. Most children are afraid of what will happen once they tell someone about their abuse, which is why many are stuck in a position to be abused their whole lives. But what many do not understand is that it is better to seek help than be in a negative position with no escape.

This flyer is here to encourage you to seek help or to help one seek help for the better, a greater outcome will come out of you standing up for what is right and there will be people there to help you along the way. Help for a better future and stop abuse!

How A Victim Of Child Abuse May Receive Help

This website provides resources someone who is being abused or may even be the abuser, it also includes many ways to help improve and help ones family

How You Can Help Those Facing Child Abuse

There are many ways someone can help children who go through abuse and this website gives you many options to help out