Adversity In Sports

By: Garrett Grastorf

Lance armstrong

Lance Armstrong was born in Plano Texas and his mother was only 17 at the time, soon he was competing professionally at the age of only 16. After 3 years of competing and plenty of success he came first in the eight stage of the tour de france. but in 1996 he developed testicular cancer and had to deal with it. even though he had cancer he still overcame it and won more events. All this info was gotten from the link below.
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problem and solution with winning championships

In the sixties and seventies the Chicago bulls were a terrible team usually at the bottom of their conference. Even though many of great players had played there before they were not able to bring in a championship.The front office needed to do something and with the third pick in the 1984 draft they had just the chance. with this pick they brought in the future superstar Michael Jordan But this wasn't enough and they needed to fill other holes in the team with the next pick and with this they brought in Scottie Pippen. Then after three more years of rebuilding they won the first nba championship in a long time
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Cause and Effect with Cheating

Throughout sports people cheat to win. The way people cheat though are different. Whether it's using performance enhancing drugs, Changing something or lying about details cheating always has the same effect. People will get mad and won't trust you anymore, And for people whose heroes have cheated. The effect is bigger. Recently quarterback of the new England Tom Brady had been accused of deflating 11 footballs in the AFC championship game and the Superbowl. As soon as this information got out people got mad, But not just at Brady but also the people who had said this. Because Tom Brady has plenty of fans there were people in his defense. In the end though the patriots were fined 1 million dollars and Tom Brady was suspended for four games of the next season.
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Normal athletes vs disabled athletes

In sports there are disabled athletes and normal athletes and there is always a gap in performance. For a normal athlete performing at a good level is a given but for a disabled athlete just playing a sport is a good feat. But some disabled athletes are able to perform at the highest level or even better. An example of this is rob santo because he had troubles with diabetes but he was still able to win many awards the thing is though with his team he was not able to win a world series.
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Adversity in sports

Adversity in sports can be many things. It can be a disablement or something that you lied about. The thing is these are all adversities and all mean the same thing. A thing that is trying to obstruct you or get in your way and whether you overcome it is up to you.