November Recognition Newsletter

for Rachel Comstock's Jamberry Downline

Welcome to the New Consultants that joined our team in November!

We're so glad to welcome the following members to our team - and our "JAMily"! Diane Garber, Tiffany Ross, Amy Sweeney, Sarah Blackwell, Stephanie Koch, Stephanie Riley, Sue Prado, Stacie Gordon, Elizabeth Tosh, Cherie' Langley, Kait Leonard, Shelby Evans, Samantha Hoffman, Elizabeth Doll, Tara Bergeron, Amber McGuigan, Heather Herman, Tanya Davis, Brandon Heysham - We are so glad you decided to join us!

November Rank Advancements & Fast Start Achievers!

Advanced Consultant - Julie Kaufhold, Beth Burton, Lauren Grossberg, Amy Slicker, Heather Glasgow, Kristin Paluszka

Senior Consultant - Jennifer Shearer

Senior Lead Consultant - Nicole Schaefer, Kristina Hoti, Kellie Muller

First Fast Start - Lauren Grossberg, Jennifer Shearer, Kristin Paluszka, Amy Slicker, Julie Kaufhold, Heather Glasgow

Second Fast Start - Jennifer Shearer, Hope Hammond

Top Sales in the Month of November!

Even MORE Recognition!

Congratulations to Kristina Hoti ($1,796), Kristin Paluszka ($1,405), Melissa Moore ($1,405), Lauren Willis ($1,254), Amy Decker ($1,205), Amy Slicker ($1,189), Julie Kaufhold ($1,152), Kristin Coulson ($1,123), Erin Creech ($1,120), Nicole Schaefer ($1,093), Kellie Muller ($1,082), Jennifer Shearer ($1,032) who all had over $1,000 in sales giving us FIFTEEN top sellers this month!

Congratulations to Amy Decker and Jennifer Shearer who each had 2 new recruits in the month of November!

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Congratulations Erin Bugg, Rachel Comstock, Tiffany Lieb, Tina Kraipovich & Ashley Mullen on earning the 2016 Jamberry Incentive Trip to Maui!

From Me to You -

Wow, what an amazing month November was! We saw lots of promotions, high sales, awesome new team members added, and some fantastic deals from Jamberry that helped us achieve our goals! Our total sales were $67,169! Tina's team sold $33,174, Rachel's team sold $14,914, Mary's team sold $10,445, and Amy's team sold $8,636!!! What amazing numbers ladies!

You may notice this newsletter is a little later than normal! That is because I had some crazy busy times there at the end of the month and beginning of December. LOTS of parties and events, PLUS I was waiting to announce our Maui achievers! I know we still have a couple of ladies that are SUPER CLOSE, and still working very hard to reach this goal - let's cheer them on and give them our full support! (Kristin & Amy we love you!!!)

I want to encourage you to BOOOOOOK January! If you're winding things down with sales for December, take some time and work to get parties on the books for January! A rule of thumb is "Eight to be Great!" Do your best to get at least 8 parties scheduled for January! Why??? This will give you a STRONG start to the new year, a plan and momentum coming out of the end of December, and it won't leave you scrambling looking for parties in the new year. Remember, parties are the life blood of this business! From parties COME parties! If you start out with lots of parties (knowing some might cancel) there's a better chance you'll have a successful year ahead! You can do this! I KNOW it! I am so blessed to work with each of you - even if we've never met. You are inspiring - so many different stories, different "whys", but each one of you just as special. Let's make 2016 our BEST YEAR EVER!!!

I want to wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy your families and friends, rest, relax, celebrate, worship, laugh, EAT, and know that I am thankful for you. :-)

Love and prayers,


Rachel Comstock, Senior Executive

I began my Jamberry Journey in February of 2014. When I started with Jamberry I had NO idea of the financial blessing this business would be to my family as well as all of the amazing women and new friends I would meet along the way. Even though I don't know each of you personally, please feel to reach out to me if you ever need anything. I am more than happy to help in whatever way I can!