Rachel Smith, Phillip Washburn

Jackie Kennedy

"Not in any condition to make much sense of anything"

This quote explains her stressful situation because it shows that her stress level was so high that she couldn't function or do daily things because the stress of not only the country but the death of her husband was on her shoulders.

  • Learn about PTSD
  • offer to go to doctor visits
  • Let them know you want to talk; understand that they may not want to talk
  • plan activities together
  • encourage contact with family members and friends
  • do physical activity together
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  • Positive self talk
  • Daily relaxation
  • Find hobbies that relieve stress ( sewing, walking, chess, etc.)
  • Emergency stress stoppers ( count to ten, take three to five deep breaths, go for a walk, set your clock ten minutes ahead to avoid stressful situations)